Procurement &
Supply Chain

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Procurement & Supply Chain

As a leading sourcing and procurement agency with a privileged access to over 3,000 globally verified and genuine manufacturers and wholesalers of quality and popular brands, we procure original products for our customers at the prices they want.

We identify the most cost effective product or service for our clients. Our global network and alliances enable us source whatever you need including “hard-to-get” items from anywhere. Thus, distance has never been a limitation to our sourcing efforts. We therefore operate as a vital link between you and the world’s leading suppliers for the goods and services you need.

We use best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tools and our deep understanding of market-leading supply chain organizations to help enterprises move beyond cost savings and make the supply chain their competitive advantage.

Sigma operates a global operations model for delivering high-value supply chain services while also bringing local market knowledge and global expertise to your supply chain.